Frequently Asked Questions

We have brought together a number of questions that may help in your understanding of DCC and the Dynamis Ultima system.

What is DCC, 'Digital Command Control' and what are the advantages?

DCC is an established, open, standard to which many manufacturers make products. It allows for more than one locomotive to travel in different directions on the same pieces of track allowing for total freedom when operating your model railway. DCC is a control system for the model railway where a decoder onboard the locomotive is used to provide control of speed and direction of the motor. DCC means that separate power sections and isolating switches are completely eliminated; this dramatically reduces the amount of wiring needed in an instant. Above all, DCC enables you to control your trains just like the prototype.

What is the difference between Dynamis Ultima and previous Dynamis systems?

Dynamis Ultima combines the features of Dynamis with the ProBox and more: it also has USB, Railcom and booster connections.

Why should I buy a system that is N.M.R.A. conformant?

The N.M.R.A stands for the National Model Railroad Association. The N.M.R.A. is a non-profit American organisation that sets out standards for manufacturers to follow when designing and manufacturing model railway products including DCC systems. The N.M.R.A Standards were developed as a way to help ensure that equipment could be interchanged between one model railroad and another. 'EZ Command Dynamis Ultima' has been designed to meet the requirements of the N.M.R.A. standards.

How can I be sure Dynamis Ultima will work well for my layout?

Dynamis Ultima has been developed for model train enthusiasts with smaller or medium sized layouts who do not want to for-go modern controls. Dynamis uses an advanced bi-directional IR communication. The handset and the base station stay in contact with each other during use and you can be as far away as 7 metres from the receiver whilst still maintaining reliable control of your layout.

What is RailCom and what are its advantages?

RailCom allows for bi-directional communication between a decoder and the base station. For more information, visit

How many locomotives can Dynamis Ultima control at once?

Each handset has the capability to control one train at once. In addition, the 3 amps power supply will allow for 6 to 10 locomotives to be running in background mode. However, at any one time you can call upon any of the 30 locomotives in the E-Z database.

Can I use my existing locomotives which have decoders already fitted?

Yes, Dynamis will work with DCC decoders that comply to DCC standards.

What functions can be operated by Dynamis Ultima?

With a Dynamis system you can operate over 20 different functions if available on a locomotive. So if a locomotive has a sound decoder fitted you can control the different sound functions such as bells, whistles and horns etc. The function buttons on Dynamis can also be individually configured to latch or trigger to suit the type of function that you are operating.

Can I use Dynamis Ultima outside?

Dynamis Ultima is not recommended for outdoor use.

How soon can I buy a Dynamis Ultima system?

This site will be updated with delivery and UK price information as soon as it becomes available. For UK enquiries please see the UK stockist link. For International visitors to the site for prices in your local currency please contact your local Bachmann stockist.

What does it do?

RailController allows users of the Dynamis Ultima to control their layout through a Windows PC. You can control locos, functions, points and signals from your PC screen. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows from XP to 10.

Does it work with Apple Mac?

Not directly. It has been developed for Windows (XP to 10 and all 32-bit and 64-bit variants) however it will work on virtual machines for the Mac such as Parallels and VM Fusion running one of the above Windows operating systems. It is not officially supported on the Mac.

How much does it cost?

£49.95 including VAT

Is it a download or a software pack?

It is both. You can buy it as a software pack on CD from any Bachmann dealer, download an evaluation version from the Bachmann website (limited to running one loco and three points/signals for 30 days) and it will also be included as an evaluation version in all Dynamis Ultima controller boxes.

Can you upgrade from the evaluation version (from the download or CD supplied in the Ultima box) or do you have to purchase a RailController pack from a dealer?

You can buy the full version from a Bachmann dealer and simply enter the activation key from the box (no need to install again) or upgrade to the full version from within the evaluation version itself by completing an order form at the same retail price. An activation key will then normally be sent within two working days if upgraded from within the software.

How many computers can you run it on?

The activation key covers one computer at a time however you can deactivate the software and ‘move’ the activation to another computer at any time and then back again.

Can you use it with any other DCC controller?

No - it has been designed to work exclusively with the Dynamis Ultima.

Will it work with the older Dynamis controller (without USB port)?

We are working on an interface to allow this to work in the future, however cannot yet guarantee the availability of this interface. It is currently in the research and development stage.

How many locos can you control?

Dynamis RailController has a database allowing thousands of locos to be added by users. There are four loco throttles which can be on-screen at any time and positioned anywhere on the screen. RailController also remembers the positions of all controllers. It is much easier to control locos this way as each throttle has a slider (showing mph or kph), runs at scale speed using RealSpeed and has single press access to 15 loco functions in two banks (30 total).

Can you use any other manufacturer’s locos?

Yes. RailController will work with any manufacturer’s locos in OO, HO, O (Us and UK) and N (UK and EU) scales. Setting up non-Bachmann locos is very easy.

Can you use an accessory decoder with RailController?

Yes. You can use any manufacturer’s accessory decoders to operate points and signals.

Does the software support multi-aspect colour light signals?

Yes. You can use any multi-aspect light signals either with built in accessory decoders (e.g. Train-tech) or signals which are wired into accessory decoders.

How do you operate multi-aspect light signals?

RailController takes care of all the hard work of doing this. You set up each signal in the track plan, telling RailController which decoder port outputs control which light aspects and then when it comes to operating the signal you just press on the signal icon on the track plan to cycle through the various light aspects. It is very easy and much easier than using a DCC controller handset or switches.

Can you program your locos and layout to do things automatically?

Yes. RailController contains a simple programming language using plan English commands to automate locos, their functions, points and signals.

Can you set up routes?

Yes. You can set RailController to switch up to 100 points and signals in a single operation and you can have any number of routes pre-programmed.

Can you set up train schedules?

You can set up any number of programs to controls trains from one part of the layout to another, switching all points and signals en-route and you can time these to run at specific times automatically.

Does it run locos at scale speeds?

Yes. We have profiled all Bachmann and Graham Farish DCC locos going back to 2005 for what we call RealSpeed operation. This runs locos at their correct scale speed across the entire motor’s range. Speeds are therefore shown in mph or kph rather than DCC speed steps.

Can you set up double headers?

Yes. RailController has the ability to set up multiple headers of a maximum of three locos. Using RealSpeed operation RailController will limit the maximum speed of the entire header to the maximum speed of the slowest loco in the header.

Can you program loco and accessory decoders using RailController?

Not at present as the Dynamis Ultima does not have this functionality through the USB port. We are working on a possible solution using an additional small interface to do this. No more details can be provided at present as it is in the research and development stage. For the time being, users will need to use the Dynamis Ultima handset to program loco and accessory decoders and fortunately this has nothing to do with railway control.

Do you have a hand-held app for Apple or Android?

Not yet. We are developing these and hope to have them available in the not too distant future. The server technology is already built into RailController to support multiple Apple or Android devices in the future so we are committed to bringing these out in due course.

How does RailController compare to Hornby’s RailMaster?

The two programs are similar. Hornby’s RailMaster works with their Elite and eLink DCC controllers and Dynamis RailController works with the Dynamis Ultima. They both essentially do the same thing, allowing control of locos, points and signals from a PC running Windows as well as running programs. Each package has advantages over the other:-

  • Hornby RailMaster can program loco CVs and accessory decoders from within the software on a Windows PC and Dynamis RailController cannot (yet)
  • Dynamis RailController controls multi-aspect light signals as standard whereas Hornby RailMaster users must purchase a Pro-Pack at £29.99 to enable this
  • Hornby RailMaster is £69.99 (retail) and Dynamis RailController is £49.95. Hornby’s additional Pro-Pack is an additional £29.99
  • We believe Dynamis RailController has a slicker user interface than Hornby RailMaster however this may be a matter of opinion among different users
  • In other respects the functionality in both packages is similar although implemented in different ways
When will Dynamis RailController be available to evaluate and purchase?

Available now